Metro Business Systems, Inc. holds pride for our long-standing relationships with our partners as well as our earned industry authorizations. A few of our notable vendor partner certifications are ...
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refurb tablet

Factory Refurbished Electronics

Find the brands the market demands at exceptional prices! We buy direct from HP, Dell, ASUS, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Visio and others to deliver the right product at the right price to retailers, small, mid-size and large, in the market. As a refurbished product and distribution leader, no order is too large for MBS. Our dedicated sales consultants and technical staff satisfy customers with products and services that fit their needs ...
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off lease

Off Lease Computers

Metro is a leading authorized refurbisher and re-seller of off-lease computer equipment and electronics. Metro has attained the status of one of IBM Global Asset Recovery Services’s (GARS) largest resellers in the United States. We earned this through consistent quality application of rigorous industry standards in equipment and data-handling. At Metro, retailers will find all the name brands at unbeatable prices and like-new condition, including Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Dell, IBM, Apple and Acer. As an ...
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